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106 Amends the Arizona Constitution to prohibit compelling any person to participate in a health care system. Allows a person to pay directly for lawful health care services. Provides that private health insurance shall not be prohibited by law or rule. An absolutely ridiculous proposition. Why in the world would we need something like that?

Well, because the Federal Government has shown their eagerness to take such basic freedoms away.

It's a shame this even needs to be suggested, even more that we need to vote on it.
107 Amends the Arizona Constitution to ban affirmative action programs that give preferential treatment to or discriminate against any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity or national origin in public employment, public education, or public contracting The road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Affirmative action came from a good place; people cared that everyone be given a fair chance, regardless of race, creed or gender. The problem is that, like most gov't programs, it morphed into something truly vile - reverse discrimination & quota systems. It is time to remove preferences based on race, sex, color, ethnicity or national origin and focus instead on giving opportunities to the most qualified candidates.

Currently, you are not only within the law to pass on a qualified candidate simply based on his skin color, in many cases you are encouraged & rewarded for doing so. Discrimination is discrimination. It is ugly no matter who benefits.

It is time for Arizona to show we are colorblind.
109 Amends the Arizona Constitution to provide that citizens of this state have a right to lawfully hunt, fish, and harvest wildlife. Provides that only the Legislature may make laws regulating hunting, fishing, and harvesting wildlife and that lawful public hunting and fishing are the preferred means of managing and controlling wildlife. Slightly confusing language simplified by noting
  • everyone I know who hunts & fishes, as well as the Dept of Fish & Game, is in favor
  • everyone I know who opposes hunting is against it

Also, from Sandcastle Scrolls: Prop 109 makes hunting and fishing a constitutional right. While the ALF's wail this isn't necessary, history shows it clearly is. We have seen time and time again where unelected bureaucrats issue rules interfering with hunts and allowing populations to run wild. Hunting is a valuable component of wildlife management. So this comes down to putting a constitutional block in front of bureaucrats doing HSUS' bidding. I'm not a hunter but I vote YES.
110 Amends the Arizona Constitution to change how the state may sell or lease state trust lands without advertising or holding an auction in order to avoid interfering with military facilities or operations. We have a problem in this state with people buying homes near active military bases, then complaining about the noise. They managed to get Williams, which was once a showcase pilot training base, closed.

They have often threatened Luke. Losing Luke would be devastating for the local economy and tragic for an Air Force training program that depends on our wide open spaces, varied terrain & unbelievably good weather. Throw in the good work done around the state at our other bases and you'll see the need to ensure their continued operation.
111 Amends the Arizona Constitution to rename the office of Secretary of State as the office of Lieutenant Governor and requires candidates for Governor and Lieutenant Governor of the same party to run as a team in the General Election. Independently elected is good. Requiring both positions to be of the same party is not. Fairly certain this was a reaction to Jan Brewer becoming Governor when Nappy left. Get over it. No
112 Amends the Arizona Constitution to change the date when initiative petitions must be filed from four months to six months before the election date. I am not a fan of the initiative process. I am not a fan of 'direct democracy'. I don't like things that have been foisted on us through slick marketing (e.g. Obama).

However, giving the Secretary of State 8 additional weeks to verify legalities of those ballot initiatives seems reasonable.
113 Amends the Arizona Constitution to guarantee the fundamental right of individuals to vote by secret ballot in an election, designation, or authorization for employee representation by a labor union. I repeat from Prop 106:
An absolutely ridiculous proposition. Why in the world would we need something like that?

Well, because the Federal Government has shown their eagerness to take such basic freedoms away.

It's a shame this even needs to be suggested, even more that we need to vote on it.
The AFL-CIO is opposed to 113. One of my least favorite AZ Republic columnists, E.J. Montini, is opposed, and said it should be called the "If You Hate Unions Vote For This" proposition. Good enough for me. Unions are anachronistic & unnecessary - not to mention harmful.
203 Legalizes the possession and use of marijuana for any person whose doctor recommends marijuana to treat a list of debilitating medical conditions and allows dispensaries to be set up to grow and sell marijuana to qualifying patients or their caregivers. "Marijuana is not a harmless drug," says Kleber, founder of Columbia University’s Division on Substance Abuse, "Its potency has increased markedly in the past few decades, it is addicting, and more people than ever are seeking treatment for marijuana dependence."

Around 800,000 a year, in fact. When it comes to medical marijuana, Kleber says that any number of approved drugs can do what pot does, such as reduce nausea for those undergoing chemotherapy.

In the meantime, Kleber argues, marijuana can lead to a raft of respiratory problems with its carcinogenic smoke.

See Sandcastle Scrolls for a thoughtful take on AZ Prop 203, also
301 Transfers the remaining balance in the Land Conservation Fund to the state general fund. (The Land Conservation Fund is used to acquire and manage state trust land.) Still not sure, looking for input
People I respect who understand this area better than I are pro 301.
That is what I needed.
Leaning toward No
302 Terminates the Early Childhood Development and Health Board (known as "First Things First") and transfers the money to the state general fund to be appropriated for health and human services for children. Large sums of money being extorted from smokers via this "sin tax" are supposedly used for a very narrow purpose. Though, with little oversight and no legislative control, the moneys are not doing what they are intended to be doing.
If we are going to collect the cash, let's at least see how much comes in and how it is used. If we really want it to help the children, let's send it to children's programs under HHS and free up a bit of the general budget.